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Sporting Marvels is AWESOME

It was one of our Trustee meetings, which I always get excited about. To travel to the Rhondda and join in the Monday morning 9am team Prayer meeting, you have to be quick to even get a word in. It was full of Praise and Thanksgiving to God for the week, the month, the year and the history of where God has brought us, to where we are to where He will take us, by his grace.

I've been involved in Sporting Marvels ever since it started, developing the first website, introducing them to ministries around the UK, helping to put legs on a simple yet profound vision, exposing the Founder to what Spiritual Transformation looks like across the world, as we attending a conference together in Guatemala. It's been a wonderful journey to date.

The vision is simple, putting a positive Christian role model in front of every child in the Rhondda Valleys, every day until Jesus Returns.

Sporting Marvels puts Christian Sports Coaches into schools full time and raises the money to pay for them to be there.

They have helped shape the lives of thousands of youngsters over the last 16 years. Of course there have been challenges, of course, people have come and gone for various reasons, but the vision remains resolute.

The last three years have seen particular growth a flurry of activity as now over 15,000 kids have gone through the Sporting Marvels school programme. They have planted a Church, setup Rhondda Netball, already Wales' biggest female sports participation project and a flurry of small businesses aimed at Wholesale Community Transformation.

What I heard today in the Trustees meeting, was simply outstanding. Every single area is growing and something are growing at such a rate it's hard to keep up.

All credit to Phil (Founder) and Lawrie (CEO) for their drive and determination, capability and of course vision. There are literally hundreds of people now involved in various parts of the vision. This morning was a prayer meeting with the main schools workers which happens every Monday.

I felt so blessed to be there not just to pray. It's been a 20 year friendship with Phil and I've done at least 1,500 visits to the Rhondda over that period.

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