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Street Lights - Wahoooo....

It's nearly seven years since the official launch of at Wembley Stadium - That National Day of Payer and Worship.

The first Book - Neighbours Transform your Street!! was published as a guide on how to Pray for, Care for and Share faith with Neighbours. At that point of course it was more theory than practice.

Now almost seven years on, we're able to share the journey of Grace we've been on as more than 5,000 people have signed up to take spiritual responsibility for the street they live on.

We never imaged that so many would sign up, and there would be so many testimonies.

So this next book, really conveys all the learning we have done in the last seven years and many great stories from practitioners involved.

The next book 'Street Lights' is out on the 29th September and is available by Pre-Sale on The first 250 copies will be signed with a message from Rebekah, the author.

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