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Such Good News

I'm really pleased to let you know that the lockdown in Uganda is lifting.

That the families we have 'adopted' over the last few months are finding their feet again and those who lived in rural areas, yet got trapped in the city are free to go home.

I'm overwhelmed that over 240 friends have supported the fundraiser. Your support has literally saved lives. When I think of the desperation of a mother who couldn't feed her children or a father who couldn't work to provide, in a country like Uganda, with no social safety net, together we did what we could to provide.

We've worked with the folk on the ground to see what is needed now to get folk on their feet again. It's just over £1,100. This will help people who sold on the street to buy new stock, will help mothers whose jobs have gone, get food for their kids until they can find new jobs, and finally will help one Church with an employment project which will hopefully see a few people raise up, into a brighter future.

I'm working on getting a little thank you video together to display the effect you have had whether giving or praying, on the people we have helped in Uganda.

If you are able to make a donation for the last push. Click Here

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