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Surprised to be on the BBC

In recent weeks I've had the privilege of doing quite a few BBC regional radio slots.

In my role, leading Neighbourhood Prayer Network (NPN), we've engaged Adam May, a PR & Comms expert, who has used his many connections to line up a lot of interviews so we can share the vision of NPN.

I must say out of the gate, the gossip around the BBC being anti Christian, in my initial experiences couldn't be further from the truth. Each producer and presenter has been researched, asked very thoughtful questions, gave ample time and were genuinely interested.

The main conversation points have been around, why pray for our street?, what difference does it make?, could you share some stories (testimonies) on how NPN has made a difference.

So far it really has been a wonderful experience. I have not once felt curtailed in expressing my faith or the aims of the charity.

So having already covered the regions of Northampton, Jersey & Guernsey, Kent and Sheffield. This Sunday, we're adding Teeside, London and Coventry and Warwickshire. and then beyond that BBC Radio Manchester.

So I never thought a little Welsh-boy from Tonna would be working his way around BBC radio regions, but hey, life is about adventure. Sometimes, without experience, the folk we 'hear from others' are out to get Christians, are actually affirming our faith and using their resources to promote it - go figure.


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