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Thank you all so much - How we are spending the money.

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

With such a wonderful outpouring of generosity, I thought it would be good to give an update of where the money is going.

All of the funds were distributed without any fees or admin costs from us and we have chosen to distribute the funds through channels that also are able to avoid unnecessary costs and make sure the money goes to actually help.

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£1,000 to cover transport costs to Ukraine

The little town of Neath in South Wales had an unprecedented response to the news of war in Ukraine. Over one thousand packages were received in one day by New Moriah Church in the town. After separating medical items from general donations, they were sent through another transport consignment to Ukraine.

Paying for the transport costs ensures a much bigger benefit to Ukraine via the shipment of all these donations through the Church in Neath.

£2,000 to Out of Ashes Ministry

Peter Gladwin the founder of Out of Ashes Ministries is visiting Chelm (near the Polish Border on the 18th March), taking money including from our fund to help Churches and Refugees settle in Poland. We trust Peter and have talked through the kind of support he will provide for practical needs on the ground during his visit.

$5,000 to Mercy Projects

With a special facility for disabled children in Konotop on the outskirts of Kiev, Mercy Projects has had a real challenge to move the child and families to a safer location. They have provided care, education and support to these children for many years.

£2,000 to Sanctuary Foundation

Our good friend Krish Kandiah has rushed to set up an immediate response to the Ukrainian Refugees entering the UK. To mobilise, people, Churches, and Businesses to see what they could do to help.

The fund is helping to get Sanctuary Foundation off the ground which in turn will go on to help literally thousands of people in practical ways.

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