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Thank You - Christmas appeal a great success.

Thank you so much if before Christmas you gave to the Uganda food appeal.

It was all a bit rushed as I had covid and only put the email out three days before Christmas. We collected more than we needed, which meant I could help a second Church leaders family. Thank You.

There is a gallery of pictures below.

I was really taken by how basic the Church structure was, literally some wooden floorboards on some of the walls and nothing on one side, tin sheets for a roof, and a mud floor.

I contacted Fred, the Pastor to see if something could be done, he said they owned the land for the main building, but the church was growing and they needed to be slightly larger, there was also no toilet.

A small rectangle plot of 16ft x 56ft was available to purchase for £850. I said without hesitation, tell the guy you'll have it and we'll work the rest out from there. I've already sent a 50% deposit but need to raise £425 to pay the rest. If you could help Click Here.

Once we get the land we can work on getting brick walls, a concrete floor, a toilet and some chairs for the people to be dignified when they attend Church. It's a small community, a Muslim area, so this is a vital, but embryonic Church.

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