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The Christmas Tree is up

Rebekah was not impressed when two reporters turned up at the door inquiring why we had put our Christmas Tree up on 22nd September....

It's become a tradition in our house especially since Reuben was born to get the tree up after his Birthday and our anniversary.

People sometimes have a go and say 'don't you know it's a pagan festival' I do. We don't do, equinox's, Halloween, Bonfire Night, etc. etc. We just like the lights of the tree.

Our tree has taken years to build up with decorations as we've bought ornaments as memories from the people we met, the places we've been and we try and add two or three each year. Particularly putting it up we get so much joy revisiting the memories of all the places we got those ornaments. As the nights draw in, it's also just a lovely warm decoration in our front room.

This time of year is a time to gather, encourage, be warm, bless, love on and remember - of course, Jesus is the reason for the season, I also use the tree to remind me of that.

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