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Many of you may know I have Ceoliac's disease, which is basically a strong gut reaction to Gluten. It also means my body has trouble receiving Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 etc.

If it's well managed there are no real problems. However eating out can be a huge problem. Even if the menu says Gluten free, you do wonder sometimes.

It's good that I enjoy cooking. It's meant that for some years now, we've eaten organic non processed food. The challenge has been finding recipes. This has resulted in loads of cook book over time. The common challenge there is, they don't explain the benefits or complications of the food you are eating.

So it was a joy to be given this book by Rebekah, which does exactly that. Right down to the body benefit of herbs and spices, it was well laid out and explained things well.

It is amazing the effect certain foods have on Memory and Mood, on Gut health through to Skin tone. This book is packed with explanation and advice. The first half being the teachy bit and the second half around 80 recipes which put into practice the food groups we should be eating.

The book is currently on offer on Amazon down from £16.99 to just £6.95 - Bargain.


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