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The halloween toolkit

Neighbourhood Prayer Network has just put together a short toolkit of ideas which you as a Christian can do for halloween.

HALLOWEEN IN 20 DAYS We continue to see the proliferation of halloween items for sale in the supermarkets, so let's really focus this week on what we can do on our street, to be salt and light as a Christian.  To understand the background to halloween Click Here.  Don't forget it's All Saints Day on the 1st November, a time to remember those who have been of spiritual influence in your faith journey. PRAYER

+ Remember that most kids don't even know what halloween is, they just see it as a time to dress up and get sweets.  

+ Pray for the parents too who probably know there is a sinister background to halloween, but don't know what - Pray that their eyes are opened up to the spiritual implications.

+ Pray for the Churches in your area, that will run alternative Light parties, to give Church families and other families in the community, a fun night without celebrating halloween.


+ Many older folk who live alone, really dislike halloween as their door gets knocked, they get scared.  Why not invite a few older neighbours around on the 31st, and watch a movie together, so they feel friendship instead of fear.

+ Perhaps open the door when it's knocked and offer parents a paper cup of Hot Chocolate and a Fathers Love Letter (Below).  Be open and say we're Christians and don't celebrate halloween, but you look freezing....


+ Think about Giving out the Father’s Love Letter to the people that do knock your door this halloween.   To order Click Here

+ Also think about using the UCB Bag of Hope, which has a gospel tract inside for Kids.  To order Click Here

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