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The love of writing....

I didn't leave school with a qualification to permission me to write. Over the years the desire to write has grown more and more.

During the last month I've been moving a lot of old files around, backing everything up and reorganising my online filing system. It's been a good time to engage with presentations, sermon outlines, magazines, books that I've written over the years.

A common theme for me is reviewing the grammar, vocabulary and syntax of sentence structure of what I've written. For sure I'm not the best technical writer out there.

However the number one rule about writing over time is persistence. Of course learn and keep learning, never give up and be your own worse critic. If you can learn the process of literacy and language, the rules the nuances and be persistent you will succeed.

Earlier this year I spent a few days looking at what I want to write during my 50's. I'm 49 in a few weeks and thought I would dedicate my the fifties decade to writing a few books. Like most aspiring writers I have more ideas than I could write in a life time.

Below is a funny list of points. The more I'm learning, the funnier they are....

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