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The Passing of a General

Over the years I've had the privilege of meeting many great Christian leaders and influencers. Many ave inspired me, many influenced my ministry decision making, some, unfortunately, confirmed my thought that they were self-seeking for their own benefit.

I met in person, Dan Wooding in California, a trip to visit the work of Mercy Projects. Dan was interviewing me about the ministry work around prayer happening at that time. However, is was aware of and interacted with Dan many years before.

His work on Assist news after a background in secular journalism was legendary. Assist News was set up to promote the awareness of the persecuted Church around the world. Dan devoted his life to it and literally thousands of stories, awareness-raising campaigns and prayer requests were made through this service.

To name the good and great of Music, Entertainment, Christian leaders that he knew personally, that he loved relentlessly and promoted fearlessly would take to long. If you knew Dan and he liked you, you were destined for great things.

To describe the man, would be to describe a force of nature. Kind, loving, after half an hour you felt like you had met a long lost relative. He possessed a very deep passion to bring truth to the public arena, expose the persecution and promote support for those whose lives were affected.

In his later years with health failing its battle against cancer, Dan & Norma returned to British shores, of course, to be nearer family.

My own friendship is more with Peter one of his two sons. Someone influenced by his Dad to go into journalism and media, Peter himself now is one of the best Christian broadcast journalists in the UK. No doubt Pete will pick up the mantle of storytelling his Dad did so well.

So we salute the passing of a General, someone who has likely touched more people in his secular and Christian life than anyone I know. God bless you my friend, see you on the other side....

Pete has written a much fuller account of Dan's life which you can Read Here.

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