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The Passing of Sean Connery

What a year 2020 continues to be. James Bond has died......

Born in 1930, Sean Connery was delivered in Fountainbridge near Edinburgh.

When Connery was cast as technically the 'second' bond, he had style and charisma that Barry Norman never managed to pull off in the screen adaptation of Casino Royal, Connery was given the first full-length feature of Bond through Dr. No.

David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Lazenby had the shortest tenure, but then he was born in Australia, probably not seen as quintessentially British. I also never really understood the rationale behind David Niven being cast after Sean Connery.

Over the years Sean Connery has been the benchmark to which all other 'bonds' has to measure upto. His whit, his energy, elegance, and style, He has embodied the character without the character restricting his acting career.

I find it funny that whenever you get a bunch of blokes in a room and they start to talk about favourite films, someone has a brilliant Sean Connery impersonation and most everyone else has tried.

The last public photo with his son Jason, showed a much more frail bond than he first portrayed. I suppose anyone with the extent of activity of Sean Connery over a life of film and fame did well to make it to 90.

Thank You, Sean Connery, for the moments of fun, action and adventure you brought to all of our lives.


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