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The Power Unleashed

I want to start off this post, by saying, I didn't eat too much cheese and I didn't drink any wine. It was a vivid dream, which brought me back to the Power released at the cross.

The setting wasn't Golgotha, it was a desolate place with no shouting crowd, no guards or anything like that. There was a huge black granite obelisk with shackles on the top at each side. A metal chain was threaded through and tied to the sides of a wooden cross which lay on the floor. Jesus was in the final stages of life, shallow breathing and then hoisted by Lucifer pulling the chains up high onto the 100ft or so black surface of this slab.

The moon light was breaking through the angry night cloud sky, a storm was about to break across the whole scene. In my dream I was a seeing but not present, looking on, but not there.

As Jesus breathed His last breathe, there was a monumental flash of light. In that moment everything changed. Jesus was now bigger than the obelisk, holding the cross in his hand, lifting it upto the heavens. He was radiant, not a mark on Him.

The power that hit the cross, obliterating any hope Lucifer had of holding him there was 10,000 times 10,000 lightening strikes. As the cross splintered the power moved through His hand and burst out of His chest. His face radiant almost recharged by this heavenly grace.

The perspective change, viewing Christ now above the earth. Lucifer being forced to watch from the left hand of the son of God. What emitted from His chest hit sentinels hovering over continents, they in turn cascaded this power to angels over countries, then down again to regions, again to cities and towns, to eventually streets and homes. By the time a family was reached the earth was awash with the power of God.

Almost immediately, my view changed again, this time seeing glimpses of thousands of beneficiaries of this power from heaven. A girl healed of cancer, a marriage saved, depression lifted, suicide thwarted, hundreds if not thousands of moments if change. A tsunami of glory was released across the earth.

The dream was so intense, that I woke, startled by it. So vivid I tried to write some things down. I realised that this happened over 2000 years ago, but the dream suggested I/We have done very little to channel, believe in or benefit from the sheer power of God in our lives. We may not be earthly beings (sentinels) which convey that power, but the Bible speaks of doing greater than this in Jesus name.

If we can harness the power that flowed through Him at Calvary, then nothing is impossible to those that believe.

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