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The Welsh Ambulance Problem

Before Christmas, my mother slipped and fell, cutting the back of her head open, blood everywhere.

Rebekah my wife is a GP and came to see how things were, sighting that it would be better to get to A&E to have it checked out and probably a stitch or two.

When I got there, this was the scene, some ambulances off the picture too.

It's no wonder the NHS is in trouble.

Apparently, in Morriston, there are dozens of people that could be discharged but have nowhere to go, no council funding for care homes and little places for that.

So the ambulances have become extra bedrooms for the hospital parked outside.

Had my mother required an ambulance, she would have been told none available. What would she have done without her children nearby in order to get her to hospital.

It's bad enough that people have to wait hours for an ambulance when there is a heart attack or stroke. We really all should take issue with this and lobby the government to do something. People are dying because they are too late getting there.

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