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Things you learn at 49....

Another year has flown by, I'm 49 today. As I've spent an hour or so reminiscing this morning, I've realised, I was born, before The Mobile phone, let alone the smart phone was invented. Before Wifi or even the internet existed. I was in my teens when Amstrad brought out the first home computer. I didn't get on a plane or go overseas before I was 26 yrs old. There were three channels on our family 28" cathode ray tube television, when I was seven. There was one telephone and three cars on our entire street when I was five. How the world has changed.

Since those innocent days of childhood, growing up in a large family and where the whole street seemed to be involved in your up bringing, life marches on.

Hitting the milestone of 40 with a thud, I wondered where the time had gone. Don't get me wrong, by that time I had squeezed more into life than most experience in a lifetime. I'm sure God should have reversed age polarity somewhere around 45 so we could become younger each year not older !!

The other side of 40 and certainly now I've had nine years practising that, I amused myself thinking about what I now consider to be important.

  • I am looking forward to joining Saga

  • Cruise holidays are going to become a priority

  • If I find a piece of clothing I like, I buy five of them

  • I actually wondered whether I should download the 'find a toilet app'

  • Time with people is much important now

  • I've put screen savers on my computer of my own favourite memories

  • I don't care what car I drive these days

  • Exercise has become a priority

  • The bucket list is no more important than the shopping list

  • Flatulence has become a lifestyle

When all is said and done, there is some humour there. I guess the biggest thing you cherish as you get older are the handful of friends that you know are genuine in that friendship. For family and spending time with one another.

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