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Turning 50 in Lockdown

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Like so many others with birthdays in this lockdown season, things haven't quite gone to plan. I turn 50 tomorrow (16th April).

Being physically disconnected from folk, unable to travel, like so many others, I've resorted to Facebook Messenger, FaceTime and Zoom to keep in contact with friends.

We had so many plans for this year. It's our tenth wedding anniversary, my fiftieth, Rebekah's mum's 70th, all momentous in the journey of life.

Where did all that time go ? Even before getting married I had travelled to 45 countries, done over 2 million miles of travel, burnt the candle three ends and met thousands of very interesting people. I loved, laughed and cried my way through. I say cried, when I held a child dying in Uganda, laughed when a friend lined up 40 potential brides for me in South Africa, loved when I saw the unhindered potential of God through people all over the world.

One thing lockdown has taught all of us very quickly is life is too short not to appreciate the people around you. Whether you have differences, get over it, if you have an argument with someone, resolve it. We are after all only walking around in this mortal coil for a while anyway.

I've had time during this imposed quiet to think, reflect and pray, I've learned so many new things and will embrace some of them permanently.

As I've prayed I've mapped out the next 20 years in headlines, renewed the bucket list and decided what to step away from.

In that process, I also know there is a strong core group of friends who continue to walk with me and my family through thick and thin, who want what's best for us as much as we want what's best for them.

I did wonder if I could just ignore the year and remain 49 until there was no restriction on travel or gatherings, sadly not.

I am using the big '50' to raise money for Neighbourood Prayer Network, here is the link

If you have a turn of the year of your life in this lockdown HAPPY BIRTHDAY, may God pour His favour and rich blessing on you.

For me it will be a meal, chatting with friends and finally watching Starwars, the rise of Skywalker......

Stay safe my friends (the advice of a half-century old human).


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