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Urgent help needed

Since 1996 several of us have been travelling back and forth to Uganda. To preach, build Churches and do large scale outreach. We've had many an adventure over the years, which also took some of us, further afield into Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Uganda has entered another lockdown, but this one is being enforced in a much tougher way than the others before. There is no public transport and where ever you were when the lockdown was announced you had to stay there. So workers who travelled into the city from rural area were not able to return home.

Food supplies are running low and medicines are in short supply.

So we decided to try and help. It costs £18.77 per month to keep an adult fed for that month and provide some basics like soap and anti malarial drugs. Through two Churches we support, they are looking after 102 people. Some of them are sleeping on the Church floor as they are not allowed to return home.

Our hope is to raise enough to cover the costs of all 102 friends, for three months.

If you can help please Click Here

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