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Using the Bible to teach reading

I'm working on a project to use the Bible to teach reading to Children. It's called Diamond books.

Carole Leah has been working on this challenge for years, how to use Biblical stories and text to actually teach the reading to children.

I know in our 5 yr old, who has been learning to read now for a couple of years, that the only real system out there en mass is the Oxford Reading scheme, a collection of over 100 books taking a child from beginner to advanced and everything in between.

You can image the development effort to look at each age, to then develop a reading plan and make sure that it is of a high standard, then to get it illustrated and be faithful in reproducing factually accurate graphics.

We've been at the Latest Set - Set B 'The Jesus Series' now for about eight months. It's a collection of 16 books a teaching guide and an alphabet chart. It's aimed at 4-5 yr olds for independent and paired reading.

Set A 'The Creation Series' is in stock, and as you can see from the graphic below is also very high quality. Aimed at 3-4's who get the book read to them. You can get Set A at a great discount by Clicking here.

So if you're an interested grand parent or know of someone expecting, this is a great little gift.

There will be twelve sets eventually all following Key Stages for reading.

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