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Was 2020 designed by Microsoft ?

Having had so many problems over so many years before moving to Apple machines, I have wondered as a parody how much Bill Gates is involved in Covid - ooops - parody again.

I saw this image and it made me smile. The link between computer and physical virus I guess.

All through the 1980's and 90's viruses were a curse to the work environment, Symantec kept telling Microsoft users almost on a daily basis that our desktop and laptop computers were vulnerable, that we had to spend £59 and then spend more to be fully protected from this weeks virus. Of course there is always some truth in the marketing spin!!

It would be wonderful to be able to 'reset' the coronavirus pandemic, to go back in time and just not get out of bed.

This year was my 50th our 10th wedding anniversary and my mother-in-laws 70th. All of that went out the window, no more grand plans this year.

Instead, we've been in lockdown as is much of the world, teasing out a possible walk near grass but basking in the beautiful unpolluted blue skies. More DIY jobs have been done in a month than a decade !!

To keep things in perspective, us humans have a tendency to milk catastrophe, whether it be a national strike, a meteor coming too close to the earth, a petrol shortage, we seem very equipped to make the most of the gossip and the hardship.

The good news was when my laptop was invaded by aliens, most often I did manage a re-install, I did get that slab of plastic and processors working again and I did get on with life. Coronavirus even with its victim's (God bless their souls), will pass and we will eventually reset life, moving from a virus-ridden Microsoft experience to Apple, which is three times more expensive but lasts three times longer.

Life will never go back to exactly how it was, let's learn our lessons, lick our wounds, resolve our grief and make a better, less virus prone tomorrow. Sleep well, my friends.

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