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Washing Powder and Gel is so old hat.

We've started to use Washing Strips and so far so good. Can you imagine the difference this will make to plastic waste.....

As part of our push this year to live a bit more environmentally friendly focusing on reducing plastic use, we've had a good look at our washing. We used to buy a powder, then went to washing pods, then back to washing liquid. All very chemical, all produced with varying degrees of plastic.

In searching for an environmentally friendly liquid, I came across this, yes that's right strips of paper, not actually paper but environmentally friendly stips of washing up liquid, which dissolves as it washes, and yes, one whole load is washed by one small strip.

I was amazed as 30 loads of washing strips came in a cardboard A5 size envelope, no plastic container and easy to ship, saving on CO2 and getting the job done right.

It's hypoallergenic (good if you itch), not been tested on animals and scent-free. Ticks all our boxes, not to mention, we won't spill the washing liquid anymore and don't have to worry about pouring the right amount into the washing machine.

OK they are a bit more costly because they haven't yet got the production volume big companies have but already you can buy a year's worth of strips for less than £80.

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