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We're going green during lockdown

The graphic is a company that sells 100% recycled toilet rolls. No recycled from another person's use !!

If you look into the production of normal toilet roll, the first thing is most of it's production is from non-recycled materials. They cut down trees, bleach the pulp to get it white and then package it in plastic, ship it to us. It's often nasty, environmentally damaging stuff, and they often don't give a penny to charity.

The 'who gives a crap company' was set up in Australia to address these issues and it's working, plus they donate 50% of their profits to build toilets around the world for folk who don't have good sanitation. No toilets means, disease, can often mean death.

So for a few quid more, we're now going to buy from 'who gives a crap' - we do.

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