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We've launched The Climate trust

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

When your 7yr old asks you what you are doing to halt climate change, it makes you sit back and think.

My first response was - We recycle....

You'll only need to do a little research to understand that recycling alone is not enough. We all contribute to the CO2 build-up in the atmosphere. Driving cars, eating lots of meat, travelling long distances, it's amazing when you look at it, to see just how much carbon we produce as a person over the course of our lifetime.

When I was doing research, I really got into it and did all kinds of calculations.

I ended up looking at the type of trees we had in the UK, and how much carbon they take in and how much oxygen they produce. When you work all of that out and look at the lifespan of a tree versus a human, I came up with a calculation and an answer to this question.

Q - How do I offset the carbon I will produce across my lifetime ?

A - Plant 761 trees.

Those trees will soak up the equivalent amount of carbon and produce huge amounts of oxygen, which will be good for everyone.

Of course, we then need to make better decisions, go on holiday in the UK if possible. Get an electric vehicle as soon as possible, shop more locally, buy stuff that has less plastic packaging etc.

Anyway, with some friends I've setup 'The Climate Trust' and we've already created a partnership with a Tree Planting organisation, so we are encouraging people to sign up and we will help provide information to you as to how you can make a change and most importantly will plant a tree or trees each month on your behalf.

To sign up visit


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