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Well done, well done.

When Britain puts its mind to it, anything is possible.

There has been much debate and complaint about how the government has handled the pandemic, from those not feeling they have had enough support to ever-changing rules surrounding the lockdown and how we should act as citizens.

Of course, there were those in society that would ignore even the tightest of rules anyway, putting the lives of others at risk.

Then there were and are the heroes of this pandemic, the medical professionals who risk their lives to save the lives of others.

In all of this as a Nation, we have to find out way through. Our way through the noise of a divided media, the chaotic understanding of what we can legally do, until we came to the decisions around vaccines in the hope that they would become the vehicle on which we drive away and leave covid in the back mirror of history.

The UK was the first government to pre-pay for the vaccines even before they were approved, thus securing more doses of vaccine stock than virtually any other nation, on a per million people basis. We were also the first Nation to approve two of the current three vaccines in widespread use. It seems that the stoic nature of our Nation got something right, to focus on what is becoming the biggest rollout of government assistance since the second world war.

As soon as the stock arrived it has started to be delivered to a clear plan of care homes, over 80's, then 70's etc. 5 million does administered in just three weeks.

Well done to the Government, the NHS supported by the military.

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