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What lays beneath

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

When we moved back to Wales, we bought a house which was around 100 years old. The former owners ran a dress shop on one side of the house, and we should have known they would have been good at covering up problems and making it look good.

So what do I say, after a leak from the bathroom into the roof of the kitchen extension we decided to take the plunge and buy a new kitchen.

The plaster was shot, we found wet and dry rot, the floor was uneven and there was a real damp problem on one side. So as we did in our last house, we will focus on one room at a time and take it back to the stone and brick, fixing every problem we encounter to breathe new life into the property.

Sometimes doing the right thing costs more, but the inherent value of knowing the house you lived in was loved as much as the people within it, celebrates home in all kinds of ways.

So here we go, kitchen back to the shell - ouch!!

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