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Why airlines are still flying....

Yesterday major USA airlines reported a 61% drop in ticket income. Yet looking at Flight Radar, there are plenty of planes flying - Why ?

As Richard Branson said before his request to Government for a £7 billion assistance package, airlines have to fly empty planes just to adhere to their slot contracts at major airports.

If Virgin, BA, EasyJet etc. don't land their planes regularly at their designated airport at the appointed time, they will lose their slot. The future for the airline without a slot at a major airport hub would be catastrophic.

So they face a double whammy, not only are there very few passengers, but they still have much of the same costs.

I hope the Government really does relax the contract law and allow the planes not to fly.

If you know any airline folk near you, please do encourage them, pray for them. A lot of these planes are flying empty - yet a lot of the cabin crew are being asked to take 3-6 months unpaid leave.


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