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Your Toast

So the debate of the week is about to begin, which shade of toast do you like and why ?

I came across this graphic by artist Tauren Wells and I immediately decided which shade of Toast I was, 5b, not plain at all, but just lightly browned. I guess this is helped by our 10 yr old toaster, which would never actually get beyond a 5e.

Over the years I've seen and experienced the range of emotions Toast brings out in people. From hotels where there was breakfast table service and someone sent toast back for either being over or under done. To the other hotel breakfast moments where customers are allowed to use the toasting machine, which takes bread in on a conveyer belt and then the wait begins. Often seemingly being in the machine for ages only to come out paler than pale.

So what does it say about a person who like Toast similar to the colour it went into the Toaster and what about the others who like it more charcoal in texture ? Is one person modest and gentle and the other a raving maniac ?

All things considered this graphic speaks to the variety of choice, options and requests in society that we have today. The fact that Tauren Wells has 90 different shades of Toast kind of illustrates how many options we humans no need to feel fulfilled or satisfied.

This is reflected in coffee choice and meals out, if we have cheese on a burger, what type of cheese is it, how long has it matured etc. etc.

When I was a child, we had an open fire in the living room of the house, no toaster, we had a fork and the fire browned the toast. You had the added bonus of eating coal, when a spark landed on said bread and cooled down. They were fun times on reflection.

So to the question, which are you ? A 4h, or a 2c and why ?.

I guess theres not much visible different between the slices on the top left and bottom right.

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