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It's unbelievable how much stuff we go through each week.

Lately I've been doing some food shopping very early in the morning. At around 5 or 6am, it's amazing to see how many staff and how many trolley cages of goods are being restocked on shelves, well before the normal working day begins.

From fresh veg to toilet paper, confectionary to cooking spices, we consume an incredible amount of food and household consumables.

I was very shocked to see trolley upon trolley of carbonated, sugary drinks, just waiting to be restocked. No doubt only sitting on a shelf for a few hours before being bought, to be consumed.

Our country seems to have gone mad for convenience food, for sugar and branded items driven by heavy advertising. We seem to be completely sold on comfort food - the isles are full of it.

Obviously there must be enough demand or the stores wouldn't stock the items. I walked down a few isles trying to avoid some of the crates which were full of the packing material the goods were delivered in - I was looking for Gravy. There were 30 kinds in various flavours, powders, gels, pre-made sachets, thickeners etc. Neath is not the gravy capital of the world, and it shows - the world has gone mad !!

As a family we are trying hard now to get back to basic food, made from scratch - to reduce our packaging, eat healthier and for sure avoid processed food. Can you also imagine how much single use plastic a supermarket gets through in a day ?

We'll be going to source more food from farms and farmers markets.

What are you guys doing to combat this ? Anything ?


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